Toshiaki Kamachi
Toshiaki Kamachi

Associate Professor, Department of Bioengineering
PhD 1995, Tokyo Institute of Technology
E-mail: tkamachi(at)
Office: Room 301A, M6 building, Ookayama campus

Areas of Research: Bioinorganic Chemistry, Photochemistry, Bioengineering.

Keywords: Metalloprotein, Photoenergy conversion, Oxygen imaging.

Research interest:

Life depends not only on organic compounds but also on inorganic compounds. For example, metalloproteins are important class of proteins that contain metal ions as cofactors. About half of all known proteins contain metal cofactors. These metal ions are indispensable constituents to protein function in photosynthesis, electron transport, dioxygen transport and so forth. Metal complexes also introduce to biological system for drug or diagnostic purpose. The interests of our laboratory are elucidation of the function metal ions in biological system. We are focused on the characterization and application of metalloproteins such as methane monooxygenase or hydrogenase. Methane monooxygenase contains copper or iron ions, catalyzes methane oxidation to methanol under ambient conditions. On the other hand, hydrogenase contains nickel and iron ions, catalyzes reversible oxidation of hydrogen. These enzymes can be used for energy transduction using light energy. Synthetic phosphorescent metal complexes can be used for dioxygen sensor. We applied platinum porphyrin for dioxygen measurement inside single cell under confocal microscope. Elucidation of dioxygen metabolism is the one of our interest.

fig.1 Photo-induced methanol production from methane with chloroplast and methane monooxygenase

fig.1 Oxygen concentration imaging inside a single cell by phosphorescence lifetime measurement

Selected publications

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