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国際大学院プログラム イメージSince 2007, the Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology has administered an international graduate course for foreign students, especially excellent students from East Asian countries. In this course, master’s and doctoral education are integrated. In 2013, as part of the continuing improvement and development of this graduate course, we have launched a new international education program. In this program, foreign students and Japanese students always learn together, and are inspired to study and work harder by competing with each other. This education program including an integrated master’s and doctoral course is designed to help students cultivate their creativity, learn practical working skills, and improve their English and Japanese capabilities. In the program, we foster international leaders who are empowered to develop leading-edge R&D in Green Innovation and Life Innovation, as well as construct a bridge between Japan and other nations in the future.

This education program consists of three divisions (A, B, C) as follows,

International Graduate Program(A)

The Program (A) includes three courses: Environmental & Chemical Biotechnology (ECB), Medical Life Sciences & Biotechnology (MLB), and Computational Life Sciences & Biotechnology (CLB). In each course, classes in the advanced special subjects are offered in addition to common special subjects and the education in manner suited to each student's goals is provided in these three courses. All lectures are performed in English.
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International Graduate Program(B)  Tokyo Institute of Technology-RIKEN International School

The Program (B) aims to offer international students an opportunity to enroll directly in the doctoral program at Tokyo Institute of Technology in close coordination and cooperation with RIKEN
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International Graduate Program(C)

This program (C) accepts international students who want to enroll the master's program or doctoral program except the Program A and B and accepting overseas and domestic application.
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Snapshot of lecturers and class members
Snapshot of lecturers and class members

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