Center for Biological Resources and Informatics

Center for Biological Resources and Informatics

The Center for Biological Resources and Informatics (Biocenter) was established as a joint-use facility in 2003 based on Gene Research Center (established in 1989), Research Center for Experimental Biology (established in 1994), and Radioisotope Research Center (established in 2001); but in 2011 the center was reorganized again and the Radioisotope Division was separated as Radiation Research and Management Center. The renewed Bio-center consists of Support Division (Section of Gene Experiment and Section of Experimental Biology) and Research Division (Section of Protein Informatics, Section of Genome Informatics, and Section of RNA Informatics). Support Division provides (i) education, training and safety management in the handling of recombinant DNA and experimental animals, (ii) advanced instruments and spaces for recombinant DNA technology and animal experiments, and (iii) maintenance service for laboratory animals and plants. The mission of research division is to carry out leading bioinformatics research on protein, DNA, and RNA in the post sequence era.
Center for Biological Resorces and Informatics Officeial Site

Support Division

Section of Gene Experiment

Associate Prof. Shinji Masuda

Stress sensing mechanisms of photosynthetic organisms

Section of Experimental Biology

Assistant Prof. Junji HIROTA

Molecular mechanisms of development of the olfactory system

Research Division

Section of Protein Informatics

Professor Minoru SAKURAI

Bioinformatics of the structure-function relationship of proteins

Assistant Prof. Tadaomi FURUTA

Computational biophysics study of protein structure, function, and dynamics

Assistant Prof. Kazunori TACHIBANA

Cell and developmental biology of marine inverte brates and starfish genome project

Section of Genome Informatics

Section of RNA Informatics

Professor Takashi GOJOBORI
Associate Prof. Yasunori AIZAWA

Retrotransposon, DNA methylation, Human intergenic RNA, intrinsically disordered protein, Signal transduction

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