The Department of Bioengineering is open to students interested in pursuing further studies in the applied and fundamental aspects of biotechnology. Education and researche in this department aim at the production of novel compounds and materials based on the creative development of novel biological and biochemical technologies. Worldwide biotechnology research projects involving molecular science, microbiology, genetic and cellular engineering, and tissue engineering are under active development by our talented pool of graduate students. Research related to the critical areas of environment and energy is also conducted.





Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering

Protein Engineering

S. Nakamura Lab.

Cell Technology

Fukui Lab.
Yatsunami Lab.

Biomolecular Process Engineering

Molecular Biochemical Process Engineering

Wachi Lab.
Hirasawa Lab.

Bioorganic Chemistry

Mihara Lab.
Tsutsumi Lab.
Matsuda Lab.

Functional Bioengineering

Biological Functional Engineering

Y. Kobayashi Lab.
Asakura Lab.

Biochemical Engineering

Tanji Lab.
Kamachi Lab.

[Core Division of Advanced Research]

Biometebolic Engineering

Ogura Lab.

[Divisions of Collaborative Professors]

Section of Experimental Biology

Hirota Lab.
Center for Biological Resources and Informatics,Support Division

[Divisions of Coordinate Professors]

Advanced Biofunctional Engineering

Kojima Lab. *note1

*note1:Kojima Lab. doesn't continue its course here in 2016.

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