Biological Information

This department was only recently established, with the aim of providing a synthesis of biological science and technology for the exploration of new frontiers in bio-pharmaceutical research and development. Emphasis is placed on the study of biological information, such as genetic information, intra- and inter- molecular and cellular signal transduction, electric-chemical signal conversion in nervous systems, and biomass-ecosystem interfaces. The elucidation of new fundamental principles and innovative applications stemming from studies in these fields are expected to provide a significant contribution to the solution of critical problems facing human beings in the twenty-first century.





Bioinformation and Medical Science

Cell and Developmental Biology

Kume & Shiraki Lab.

Molecular Medical Engineering

Yamaguchi Lab.

Bioregulation Science

Cell Development

Kudo & Kawakami Lab.

Molecular and Cellular Assembly

Itoh & Kotera Lab.

Bioinformation Engineering

Information Biotechnology

Kurokawa, Nakashima & Yamada Lab.

Biosphere Information

Tokunaga & Sogawa Lab.

[Divisions of Collaborative Professors]


Tachibana Lab.
Center for Biological Resources and Informatics,Research Division

[Divisions of Coordinate Professors]

Bioregulation Networks

Tanaka Lab. *note1
Riken Brain Science Institute

Murayama Lab. *note2
Riken Brain Science Institute

Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science & Engineering Environmental Chemistry and Engineering

Kobatake Lab.

*note1, note2:Tanaka Lab. and Murayama Lab. don't continue their course here in 2016.

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