Frontier Research Center

Frontier Research Center

Frontier Research Center Recently, the regenerative medicine that can regenerate injured tissues and organs are highly expected as a new therapeutic approach. Our project deeply associated with the project for realization of regenerative medicine in trustee business of ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology.

The aim of our project is to realize eficiant ES/iPS cells proliferation in undifferentiated state and the effective differentiation of ES/iPS cells based on new Artificial extracellular matrix (ECM) and to obtain the differentiated cells safely and easily.

Professor Yoshinori OHSUMI

Studies on physiological roles and membrane dynamics of autophagy in yeast

Assistant Prof. Hayashi YAMAMOTO

Characterization of the lipid sources for autophagosomal membranes

Assistant Prof. Yasuhiro ARAKI

Studies on regulation of autophagy by kinases and phosphatases

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Global Edge Institute

Organization for Life Design and Engineering

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