Overview of Our Research

A Blend of Life Science with Technology for Infinite Possibilities

Can you imagine how our society will change in the coming years? There is a future we can foresee as life science and technology progress together.

At the School of Life Science and Technology, extensive research from exploring life principles to technological applications is conducted. Collective knowledge and skills of life science and technology offer infinite possibilities for our future society.

The School of Life Science and Technology is actively engaged in a wide spectrum of research that covers the life from the micro to the macro and from the basics to the applications.

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This page features the research subject of each laboratory and link to the individual laboratory site (except some laboratories).
Please refer also to the introduction of the laboratories in Life Science and Technology News page. You will find some information on laboratories, research results, faculty and message from faculty.

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School of Life Science and Technology, Research Laboratories and Subjects

School of Life Science and Technology News, Labs Spotlights

A Message from OHSUMI, Yoshinori Honorary Professor and 2016 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine

Honorary Professor Yoshinori Ohsumi

Science is a human activity that is built on a body of knowledge obtained over many generations. Therefore, it is impossible to separate the activities of scientists from the times in which they live. One example of this is when I became interested in the biological phenomenon called autophagy and began researching it using yeast. Although our understanding of the structure and laws of the natural world continues to accelerate rapidly, many mysteries remain beyond our reach. Even when you think you have it figured out, it's actually just the beginning of the next step. I believe it is more important than ever for the future of humanity to have a broad perspective, to think long-term, and to be able to make scientific judgement in diverse areas without being preoccupied with the achievements brought about by science and technology. My message for today's youth is to always be mindful of the future. If there seems to be some great authority in front of you, it merely indicates academic stagnation. The spirit of young people to surpass their predecessors is a driving force for progress. Do not be afraid to be different, and have the courage to embrace and develop your curiosity and interests without fear of the relentless volume of information that characterizes the modern age.
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