Overview of Our Education

Fostering Global Leaders

The School of Life Science and Technology offers a fulfilling curriculum that encourages students to become leaders in a variety of fields. The curriculum enables students to systematically acquire the foundational knowledge and expertise in life science and technology. Furthermore, students can obtain an advanced education in a cutting-edge research environment. Our variety of international programs and internships is also emphasized.

Interdisciplinary Interactions Encompassing Science, Engineering, Pharmacology, Agriculture, Medical Science, Computer Science, and Systems Engineering


Undergraduate study

The largest education and research organization for life science and technology in Japan
The School of Life Science and Technology is one of the largest undergraduate life science programs in Japan. Students can study the life sciences from polyphenic perspectives, including science, engineering, pharmacology, medicine, and agriculture.
Creative experiences from the first year
In their first year, students take part in a challenging active learning program in which they create educational materials related to the life sciences. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are developed through collaborative work.
Study abroad and internship opportunities
A set of well-established international exchange programs and short-term study programs are available, and undergraduate students are encouraged to use these programs to study overseas. Internships at companies are also encouraged, and credit is given for these activities.
Early enrollment in graduate-level classes
Because most students continue their studies at the graduate level, the School allows students to take graduate- level classes while they are undergraduates. Talented eligible students can also graduate early.

Graduate study

Cutting-edge research extends to chemistry, physics, materials science, and computer science
A wide range of cutting-edge research is led by approximately 80 professors and associate professors. The research fields are not limited to biology but also extend to other fields related to chemistry, physics, materials science, and computer science.
Research in an international environment
We welcome many outstanding researchers from abroad to visit and participate in research initiatives and seminars. Many of our laboratories have international students. There is an international atmosphere across the campus. Students are encouraged to attend conferences and internships abroad using the school’s study abroad programs. Credit is also given for these activities.
Broad and diverse studies lead to employment in a variety of fields
Studies at the School of Life Science and Technology are related not only to scientific fields such as biology, chemistry, and physics but also engineering fields such as applied chemistry, materials, mechanical engineering, and computer science. Our alumni work in a variety of companies in different fields.

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