School of Life Science and Technology Bio×Digital Financial Support Program
Call for Applications in spring 2024

School of Life Science and Technology has established a new financial support program for doctoral students in spring AY2024. Bio×Digital Financial Support Program aims to contribute to the development of bio×digital human resources by providing with financial aid for doctoral students who are motivated to pursue bio×digital studies. Doctoral students who meet the qualifications listed below and apply for this support program will, if approved by the School, receive financial aid. Students are required to submit a research achievement report once a year. If you wish to apply for this program, please notify your academic supervisor after reviewing the program's objectives and conditions. (Note: LST Research Fellow Program ended in AY2023.)

Applications in spring AY2024 are scheduled to start on June 19, 2024.

Requirements for recipients (Candidates must meet all the following criteria):

  1. Students who are motivated to engage in bio digital studies.
  2. Students who participate in career forums in bio×digital programs, understand the importance of, and acquire the basics of, DS and AI technologies, and explore the application of these technologies in the real world.

Eligible students (Candidates must meet all the following criteria):

  1. Doctoral Students.
  2. Students and their academic supervisors must be affiliated with the School of Life Science and Technology.
  3. Applicants for the Tokyo Tech Tsubame Scholarship.

However, those who fall under the following conditions are not eligible for this program

Ineligible students

  1. Those who receive financial aid from programs that do not permit funding from other sources (e.g., recipients of the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, MEXT Scholarship students, recipients of overseas government scholarships, RAWISE program RAs, RIKEN JRA students, recipients of the special scholarship of the Tokyo Tech Tsubame Scholarship, recipients of other government scholarships such as SPRING)
  2. Those who earn an income as working adults. (e.g., regular employees of a company, individuals who own a business).
  3. Those who are unable to receive salaries from Tokyo Tech due to employment restrictions of any form.
  4. Those who have exceeded the regular period of study. (Please consult individually if there are special circumstances such as studying abroad.)

* If you have any questions, please consult with the Dean of the School via your academic supervisor. (Direct contacts from students are not allowed.)


 155,400 yen per year

Term of granting

 This financial support is provided for a maximum of the standard duration of a doctoral program. Those who graduate early will receive financial support for the duration of their enrollment. (The program period will extend to the end of the Tokyo Tech Fund.)


 Tokyo Institute of Technology Fund Bio×Digital Program

Application period

 From June 19, 2024 to June 26, 2024

Announcement of selections and results

 Notification of selection results will be sent out by mid-July (tentative).

Granting schedule

 Funds will be transferred to the recipients’ bank accounts in early September (tentative).

Application procedure

 Please download the application document from the following link.

 The file name should be "School of Life Science and Technology Bio Digital Financial Support Application Form Student ID Number Name".

How to submit

  • • Please submit the application document to your academic supervisor and ask them to review the contents.
  • • Your academic supervisor is asked to confirm the application document, sign in the designated column, and then upload the file to the following BOX by the deadline. (Submissions by email attachments, campus mail or directly from students will not be accepted.)

 BOX :

Withdrawal from, interruption, reinstatement, termination of entitlement, and return of financial support

  • • Students who apply for multiple scholarships must withdraw from this Financial Support Program immediately if they are selected for another scholarship that prohibits receiving financial aid from multiple sources.
  • • Financial support will be rescinded when a student no longer meets the eligibility criteria, withdraws, transfers, is expelled from the Institute, receives disciplinary action, or is deemed unfit as a Financial Support recipient due to other matters.
  • • Recipients may be requested to return all or part of the awarded scholarship if matters involving them arise that are considered unbefitting. This also applies to those whose Financial Support has been rescinded.

Research Achievements Report

  1. Financial Support recipients must submit a research achievements report annually. Those who enroll in April must submit it in March of the following year, and those who enroll in September must submit theirs in September of the following year. (Fill in achievements of the year from April/September.)
  2. Failure to submit a research achievements report within the specified period will be suspended from eligibility to apply for the Financial Support for the following year.
  3. If a person whose eligibility to apply has been suspended submits a report, their eligibility will be reinstated starting from the fiscal year following the one in which the report was submitted.
  4. Please download the Research Achievements Report from the following link.

How to submit

  • • Please submit the report to your academic supervisor and ask them to review the contents.
  • • Your academic supervisor is asked to confirm the report, sign in the designated column, and then upload the file to the following BOX by the deadline. (Submissions by email attachments, campus mail or directly from students will not be accepted.)

 BOX :


 School of Life Science and Technology Administration Group :


Q : It is said that doctoral students are eligible. Are doctoral students eligible regardless of whether they have earned Master's degree from Tokyo Tech or from another university?

A : Doctoral students are eligible wherever they have earned Master's degree.

Q : What financial support is available for students other than Bio Digital Financial Support program?

A : Please take a look at this page ( for detail. The Tsubame Scholarship is available for all the doctoral students who meet certain conditions. Various financial measures including research assistant (RA) and teaching assistant (TA) are available, particularly for doctoral students.

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