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Student Work and Activities

 The fast-growing fields of life science and biotechnology seek internationally active individuals who are able to open up a new era. By creating an independent study environment, the School of Life Science and Technology supports a variety of activities in which students take initiative and proactively communicate with other students and researchers around the world.

Learn by yourself, think actively, and materialize the idea with originality and ingenuity

Students at School of Life Science and Technology are trained to materialize the idea with originality and ingenuity from the first year of the bachelor’s degree program in courses such as Processes for Creation in Science and Technology, International Bio-Creative Design, and Advanced Bio-Creative Design. There are also opportunities to participate in presentation contests and give a speech on their achievements.

Tokyo Tech Team wins another gold medal at iGEM

Approximately 200 teams of students from around the world participate in International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM), an international competition in synthesis biology. Tokyo Tech Team, which mainly consisted of students from the School of Life Science and Technology, is famous for its record by winning the 11th consecutive gold medal.

Looking to the future of life science with world-famous researchers

With the hope of becoming world-class investigators, undergraduate and graduate students as well as young researchers can enrich their perspectives through participation in Bioscience and Biotechnology International Symposia and Top Leaders Forums where they can meet superb academics from home and abroad.

Join workshops and training seminars abroad

Tokyo Tech offers students the opportunity to attend overseas workshops and training seminars in order to foster global leadership.

Exposure to cross-cultural environments while studying abroad

International internships are among the many ways in which students have the opportunity to visit universities and research institutes abroad. These programs aim to develop human resources in the field of life science and individuals capable of playing an active role in the world.

Study abroad experiences


The three months I spent at the Gilestro Laboratory at Imperial College London was a hugely valuable experience. In the long-established academic culture of the UK, I observed that anything essential to the pursuit of academic excellence was respected above everything else. This meant that, unlike in Japan where students seldom counter the opinions of faculty members, students in the UK did not hesitate to engage in a battle of logic with their instructors. I found this setting extremely powerful, as it enables discussions among groups of individuals to come up with answers that would otherwise not be possible. I learnt a lot from my internship and intend to build on this experience as I continue to pursue my research.

IMADA, Takashi

I worked as an intern for five months at the Pamela Silver Laboratory at Harvard Medical School. During my stay, not only was I able to acquire new skills in imaging and analysis, but I was able to meet a diverse community of researchers and observe the different ways in which Japanese and American universities and laboratories are organized. This experience has impacted the way I view research as well. The pursuit of science should not be about following trends set by others. It should be about taking on unique and edgy research that explores new fields.

Students talk about their life in the lab

Mutawakil Al Muqadasi doctoral student

I am an Indonesian student at the School of Life Science and Technology.As a foreign student in Japan, the language barrier has been a great challenge. Even so, my fellow students here are very helpful thus making me enjoy every process of my research. Moreover, it is a blessing to have supervisors who are always there for me to give valuable insights and mental support, hence making my life as a student easier. Overall, it is an excellent opportunity to study at Tokyo Tech. I hope I can implement my knowledge and experience that I earn to help society in the future.

KANESHITA, Minori master's student

I’m currently researching on the immune response function of an U1 snRNA. Although there are times my research does not go well, I enjoy with the guidance I receive from my professors and seniors. I’m able to conduct a wide range of experiments from organic synthesis to cell experiments, and I feel that I’m growing through my experiments.

TAKEDA, Yota master's student

I am exploring the developmental mechanisms of the vertebrate limbs. At first, I did not to know what to expect, but thanks to the kindness of my colleagues in the laboratory, I am enjoying my research every day. I would like to make use of my experiences at Tokyo Tech, and be a person who is active in a variety of situations.

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