Information on this page is for students enrolled in School and Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology in or before 2015. Since School of Life Science and Technology now accepts international students,
please visit its website for details.

Department of Bioscience

School of Bioscience

In the latter half of the twentieth century, several great descoveries and a groundswell of interest led to remarkable progress in the life sciences, making it possible to describe most of the events in life in terms of the nature of DNA and protein. In this department, the curriculum prepares you for a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the complex and widespread events of life from molecular to indivisual levels, as a basis for education and research in the graduate schools. Subjects integral to the curriculum include fundamentals such as physics, physical chemistry, organic chemistry and biology; inter-disciplinary subjects such as biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics; and advanced subjects such as embryology, immunology, physiology, genetics and evolutionary biology. The department also prepares training courses for experimental techniques and exercises to enhance student understanding of these subjects. We are confident that fresh and ambitious talent will continue to constitute the backbone of this vibrant department.

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