Information on this page is for students enrolled in School and Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology in or before 2015. Since School of Life Science and Technology now accepts international students,
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Department of Biological Sciences

This department was established to create a significant scientific contribution to the rapidly accelerating progress of biological sciences, in addition to meeting the many and varied needs of modern society. The scientific fields covered by faculty members include: biological information, biogenesis, molecular evolution, integrative and comparative biology, and cellular and developmental biology. The department also provides first-rate educational programs covering biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, plant physiology, comparative biology and ecology.





Biological Information and Biogenesis

Biological Information

Komada Lab.
N. Nakamura Lab.

Chromosome Dynamics

Iwasaki Lab

Nakatogawa Lab

Evolution and Comparative Biology

Molecular Evolution

Kimura Lab

Kajikawa Lab

Integrative and Comparative Biology

Hongoh Lab.
Nikaido Lab.

Cellular and Developmental Biology

Cell Biology

H. Ohta & Shimojima Lab.

Developmental Biology

M. Tanaka Lab.

[Divisions of Collaborative Professors]

Genome Structure and Function

Masuda Lab.
Center for Integrative Biosciences,Support Division
Kato Lab.
Center for Integrative Biosciences,Research Division

[Associated Laboratory]

Chemical Resources Laboratory

K. Tanaka Lab.

[Core Division of Advanced Research]

Developmental Neurogenetics

Suzuki Lab.

[Divisions of Coordinate Professors]

Advanced Bioscience

T. Kobayashi Lab. *note1

*note1:T. Kobayashi Lab. doesn't continue its course here in 2016.

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