Information on this page is for students enrolled in School and Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology in or before 2015. Since School of Life Science and Technology now accepts international students,
please visit its website for details.

Department of Life Science

Various seemingly mysterious biological phenomena, such as heredity, metabolism, development, morphogenesis, motility, immunity etc, are all based on the complex and elaborate molecular structure and cooperative interactions of the biological molecules including proteins, nucleic acids, lipids and carbohydrates. Molecular mechanisms of life, which are being elucidated by modern technologies and ingenuity, not only stimulate our curiosity immensely, but also lead to applications in medicine, pharmacology and engineering. Department of Life Science consists of three major fields: Biodynamics (Biological Physics, Molecular and Cellular Dynamics), Structure and Function of Biomolecules (Chemistry of Functional Molecules, Structural Analysis), and Bioinformation and Regulation (Biomolecular Reaction, Molecular Genetics). These laboratories which are equipped with advanced facilities are cooperatively pursuing research in order to elucidate the intriguing mechanism and dynamic states at the atomic and molecular level. In the graduate education, the department emphasizes the importance of youthful zest and creative thinking in order for the students to pursue their own research.






Biological Physics

Ichinose Lab.
Hayashi Lab.

Molecular and Cellular Dynamics

Osada Lab.

Structure and Function of Molecules

Chemistry of Functional Molecules

Yuasa Lab.
Ohkubo Lab.

Structural Analysis

Murakami Lab.

Bioinformation and Regulation

Biomolecular Reaction


Molecular Genetics

Seio Lab.

[Divisions of Collaborative Professors]

Human Cellular Genetics

Aizawa Lab.
Center for Integrative Biosciences,Research Division

[Associated Laboratory]

Resqurces Recycling Process Division,Chemical Resources Laboratory

Hisabori & Wakabayashi Lab.

[Core Division of Advanced Research]

Environmental and Medical Microbiology

Kajiwara Lab.

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