LST Research Fellow Program

Call for Applications to LST Research Fellow Program FY2022

We have now started receiving applications for LST Research Fellow Program, which was established in April 2021, for FY2022.
By hiring selected doctoral students as research fellows, this program aims to provide students with financial support and occasions to increase engagement with the School and to further develop their research skills. Doctoral students who enroll in 2022, meet the criteria below, and apply for a research fellowship will, if approved by the School, be eligible for compensation for works related to research and research support activities. Participating students will also be able to note their involvement in the program on business cards and CVs.

If you wish to apply for this program, please notify your academic supervisor after reviewing the program objectives and conditions. Please be reminded that participants in this program are required to submit their research achievements at the end of FY2022, which will be used in screening for the following year's fellowship

Eligible students

  1. Students who will enroll in or advance to the doctoral degree program in April 2022.
    *For those who will enroll in or advance to the doctoral degree program in September 2022, we will announce a separate call for applications.
  2. Students and their (prospective)academic supervisors must be affiliated with the School of Life Science and Technology.

Ineligible students

  1. Students studying under an international scholarship program offered by the Japanese or a foreign government.
  2. Students receiving the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, WISE program RAs, RIKEN JRA students, students participating the Tokyo Tech Advanced Human Resource Development Fellowship program or the Cross the border! Tokyo-Tech Pioneering Doctoral Research Program
  3. Working, mature-age doctoral students.
  4. Students unable to receive salaries from Tokyo Tech due to employment restrictions of any form
  5. Students who have received or plan to receive a total of ¥1,560,000 or more from the university as RA salaries (excluding the research fellow) and/or from private companies as benefit-type scholarships in 2022. (If it turns out that a research fellow receives a total of \1,560,000 or more in 2022, he or she needs to contact the School of Life Science and Technology Administration Group immediately.)
  6. Students who have exceeded the regular period of study. (Please consult individually, if there are special circumstances such as studying abroad.)
    * If you have any question, please consult with the Dean of the School via your academic supervisor. (Direct contacts from students are not allowed.)

Application criteria

Students’(prospective) academic supervisors must agree to provide research funding of a specified amount to the program, which is included in the total wage of \420,000 per semester.

Job description

- Research work necessary to effectively promote research projects and other activities at the School of Life Science and Technology.
- Research support work that requires a high degree of specialized knowledge, such as management and operation of the Open Facility Center. (Please consult with your supervisor to determine the content of your work.)

Annual salary

\840,000 (or a \420,000 per semester)
(*Students can also receive Tokyo Tech Tsubame Scholarship for Doctoral Students while participating in this program.)

Application period

March 4, 2022 ― April 4, 2022

Announcement of results

By the end of April 2022.

Employment period

From June 1, 2022 to the end of February, 2023
(For students completing the course in September, employment period is until the end of August, 2022.)

Application documents

How to submit

  • ・Please submit the application documents (1) and (2) to your academic supervisor and ask for his/her confirmation of the contents.
  • ・Your academic supervisor is supposed to confirm the application documents, write his/her name in the designated columns, and then upload the files to the following BOX.

*We do not accept applications from students or application documents sent by email or campus mail.


School of Life Science and Technology Administration Group


Q: It is said that doctoral students are eligible. Are doctoral students eligible regardless of whether he/she has earned Master's degree from Tokyo Tech or from another university?

A: Doctoral students are eligible wherever they have earned Master's degree.

Q: If I apply for LST-RF upon enrollment and am not selected as a recipient, can I re-apply for LST-RF next year?

A: You can re-apply for LST-RF with your supervisor's consent.

Q: A criterion for application is that supervisors are affiliated with LST. Could you go into more detail?

A: Most professors supervising LST students are affiliated with LST, whereas the other professors are affiliated with another school or Institute of Innovative Research (IIR). Professors affiliated with LST are listed here ( Please note that there is a similar research fellow program in IIR, so please consult with your supervisor if he/she is affiliated with IIR.

Q: Could you explain why students receiving ¥1.56 million or more are not eligible?

A: Annual stipend for JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC) is ¥2.4 million. The cap is placed so that the total amount does not exceed ¥2.4 million.

Q: What financial support is available for students other than LST-RF?

A: Please take a look at this page ( for detail. Tsubame Scholarship is available for all the doctoral students that satisfy a few conditions. Various financial measures including research assistant (RA) and teaching assistant (TA) are available, particularly for doctoral students.

Q:Why are there options for a year and a semester as a period of salary?

A: Those enrolling in Fall semester are asked to select a semester as a period of salary, as it cannot exceed the fiscal year.

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