Phurt Harnvoravongchai
3rd year student, Doctoral program
Department of Bioengineering
Fukui Lab.

Foreign student life in Tokyo tech

I was wondering how foreign student life would be. Facing strange people, different language and culture, those things were coming to my head before I came here. But when I first landed here, nervousness was replaced with excitement. Everything was amazing, food was great, people were nice cultures were unique and charming. I found that learning japanese language is quite tough but I am really lucky to have such a nice lab mates whose always listen to my poor Japanese with a lot of patient.

One thing I do really love is soccer. I was afraid at first that I would not be able to play soccer here because of language barrier and different in culture, but I was totally wrong. Japanese do love soccer and they always willing to let me play with them. My advisor, Fukui sensei, you will never believe that he is a really good player. He always score a lot when we played together, how awesome of my foreign student life here!

Well, let's talk about my research. I am studying sulfur-respiration mechanism in the one of hyperthermophilic archaea called Thermococcus kodakarensis. To figure out how this lovely tiny organism could survive under such a high temperature with sulfur is a magnificent understanding.

I would like to express my appreciation to my advisor, Prof. Fukui, and Assist. Prof. Orita. Thanks to my labmates and all of my friends to make me have a wonderful time here.

Phurt Harnvoravongchai

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