Nguyen Kha THE
2nd year student, Graduate school
Department of Biomolecular Engineering
Kondoh Lab.

Enjoy student's life and research in Tokyo Tech

It has been 2 years since I came to Japan to enter the graduate program in Tokyo Tech, but it just like yesterday. Before I came to Japan, I imagined the graduate study was boring with full of experiments and classes. However, from the last two years, I feel very happy and satisfied with colorful graduate study's life in Japan. The graduate program in Tokyo tech is quite diversity. It provides not only academic classes but also classes to support for improving communication skill such as Global communication class. I was very impressed in the way the teacher managed and discussed with students in that class. Moreover, the Bioscience and Biotechnology school often celebrates symposiums for students to expose their research to other students and communicate about their research. The Tokyo Tech also often invites prestigious and famous professors in the world to give presentations and talks with students. That is really useful for me because I learned so much about academic knowledge and was inspired a lot by those great scientists. Besides studying in class, I spend most of my time for conducting my research in KONDOH sensei's laboratory to study cancer metastasis. Currently, I am studying and exploring the lung metastatic genes in osteosarcoma. I am really grateful all of members in KONDOH's laboratory because of their help and support for my research and daily life. Moreover, I am so happy to make friends in Japan and join various sport activities such as volley ball, table tennis, and soccer. Currently, I belong to one soccer club and play soccer every week, it is really interesting and helpful for me to relax and improve my health after doing experiments in laboratory. Finally, I would like to thank to my Professor KONDOH sensei and all friends in Japan who have helped me a lot in my study and daily life.

Nguyen Kha THE

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